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Acne Freedom in 72 Hours :: Testimonials

Wondering if the "Acne Freedom in 72 Hours" guide really works? Check out these exciting testimonials from April, a small sampling of the many the publishing house receives every single month:

“I was incredibly depressed this time last week. I had my cousin's wedding approaching on Saturday and did NOT want to attend. I looked awful. I searched the Net for solutions and found this. I purchased on Monday. By Thursday, I had clear skin... and the wedding yesterday was brilliant. I felt wonderful - and looked fantastic. You've changed this girl's life, Bradley. A MILLION THANKS!!!”

- Lisa Renardson, Surrey, BC, Canada, swe*****
“Absolutely awesome. I still can't believe how effective this actually was. WHY don't they publish this on TV?? Everyone says acne is difficult to cure. Not any more.”

– Janice S****s, jer*******
“I'm 23 years old and figured my skin was like this for good. Yes, I was one annoyed, disgruntled $*[email protected] My skin was so dry, so flaky, so fragile. I looked 50 years old. Now, less than a week later, I'm glowing with a peachy shine. It's amazing. Thank you!”

– Angelina Lee, Ferndale, Randburg, South Africa
“I went straight to Wal-Mart and bought <secret> as soon as I read it in your book. Three days later and absolutely clear skin. I'm sending you a picture separately as proof. Thank you, I'm just so amazed. Wow!”

– P.B., SW Sundew Drive, Tigard, OR
“I was always told that acne was caused by crazy testosterone levels. But it'd been going on for years, so I decided to check out a solution. You were that solution, Bradley. I keep reading your story - please pass on my big thanks to Stephanie. She knows what it's like, and she convinced you to share the solution!!”

– Jeremy Sommers, Gainesville, FL,*****
“In the words of my favourite song, I thought my 'YESTERDAYS WERE ALL BOXED UP', and there was no cure for acne. I had resigned myself to being ugly all my life. My inner angel has now re-appeared. Thank you for helping me realize the real me!”

– Helen Lewis, Hedge End, Southampton, UK, he****[email protected]
“Please add this to your testimonials page. I'm a 20 year old guy living in Hollywood (land of the beautiful!) with the ugliness of acne. I had no confidence, no happiness, nothing. Then I discovered your guide, Bradley. I'm now so full of life, I'm a different person altogether. My friends ask how I did it, and I'm pointing them to your site!”

– Mike P*****, Beck Avenue, North Hollywood, CA, 91606
“If you're an acne sufferer and want a solution, this guide is for you. I can't believe that just 72 hours can make such a different. I'm still shocked. You're a pure genius!”

– UK (Name and address held back as requested)
“I never write to a company with praise unless I'm amazed. Like right now! I'm approaching my mid-20s and presumed acne was something I could never change. I've been trying to follow skin care regimes and drug prescriptions for years, without luck. Your <special secret> worked perfectly. I'm amazed. The FDA need to officially publish your guide!!!”

– "James", Grant Drive, Holland, PA, 18966
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