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"I Can Make You Acne Free in Just 72 Hours!
Just READ ON to Discover the FIVE THINGS
Your Doctor NEVER Told You About Acne!"

Dear Friend

I absolutely GUARANTEE that I can clear your ACNE in just 72 HOURS!

My name is Bradley Thompson and I'm a former acne sufferer.

I mean, I had it BAD.

Not like you – I mean BAD.

My skin was so itchy, so flaky, so incredibly sore. I couldn't drag myself to look in the mirror and never had confidence around the opposite sex. It felt like there was something missing – and that people couldn't see past my looks.

Sound slightly familiar? Then it's good to meet someone that appreciates what it can be like... Painful!

I tried every treatment under the sun. And that included special creams and a whole bunch of pills. My daughter recently suffered from acne too, and tried everything from Accutane to Acuzine, from Derma Cleanse to DermaPure Rx.

It didn't work!

One evening, I found her crying on her bed.

Literally, streams running down her face – and cursing the acne that smeared her good looks.

.... And I SUDDENLY remembered how I had gotten rid of my acne.

I'd never thought of it until that moment, but it was an old-fashioned technique my grandmother taught me. It only took 72 hours to do – and it all came flooding back, as I began telling Stephanie my story.

Now Stephanie isn't easily fooled. She thought my story sounded like an old American wife's tale. And maybe it did. But she was at rock bottom – and followed my suggestions.

One week later, Stephanie brought home the first boyfriend she's had in over 18 months.

And she was GLOWING.

It's not father's pride – she was literally glowing. Glowing with confidence. Glowing with happiness. Glowing with pride, knowing that her skin looked and felt great. And it really did.

Her boyfriend thought so too.

What happened?

“I was incredibly depressed this time last week. I had my cousin's wedding approaching on Saturday and did NOT want to attend. I looked awful. I searched the Net for solutions and found this. I purchased on Monday. By Thursday, I had clear skin... and the wedding yesterday was brilliant. I felt wonderful - and looked fantastic. You've changed this girl's life, Bradley. A MILLION THANKS!!!”

- Lisa Renardson, Surrey, BC, Canada, swe*****

Discover the SECRET TECHNIQUE Stephanie Used –
And How I Was Convinced to Write This Guide!

For those of you that don't know, I have a reputable name in certain circles!

I'm a self-development author and speaker. I wrote the best-selling books "Lucid Dreaming in Seven Days", and "Developing your own Subliminal-Studio". I'm the man behind Subliminal CDs, Binaural Beats and Instant Hypnosis MP3 downloads. I even designed the Health+ CD for the Plus Kits range.

My corporate clients include AT&T, the US Army, IBM, FedEx, the BBC, British Telecom, UPS, Fujitsu, Toshiba, Network Solutions, Sun, Deloitte & Touche, Dow Jones, Merrill Lynch, the Discovery Channel, Time Warner, Nationwide Insurance, Xerox, Intel, KPMG,  and even Microsoft.

Knowing my health and self-growth background, my daughter suggested that I create a guide to get the word out about this acne cure – and the many other "secrets" most acne sufferers AREN'T told about!

It wasn't my industry, so I wasn't sure.

But Stephanie can be an incredibly convincing teenager.

... So after a little persuasion, that's EXACTLY what I did.

I spent the next three months researching and writing the ultimate guide to acne freedom. I'm not talking all the usual advice – don't eat greasy foods, apply moisturizer each night, yadda yadda.

I'm talking about the techniques that REALLY work – yet NOBODY talks about!

And at the end of those three months, there it was...

"Acne Freedom in 72 Hours."

“Absolutely awesome. I still can't believe how effective this actually was. WHY don't they publish this on TV?? Everyone says acne is difficult to cure. Not any more.”

– Janice S****s, jer*******

But Enough Talking About It.
Here's EXACTLY What I'll Show You –
Inside My NEW 30+ Page Acne Freedom Book!

In researching for this guide, I discovered dozens of techniques for clearing up acne...

And using my network of contacts in the self-help industry, I managed to obtain a research group of 295 individuals to help "test" the findings.

Only the very BEST techniques and recommendations made it into my book – particularly my OWN home-grown technique that cleared the acne for 284 people in that group in 72-hours, and the rest within a week!

By getting a copy of my new book, you'll be able to benefit from months of research. And in just 72 HOURS, you'll experience the MOST AMAZING SKIN CHANGE you've ever witnessed!


Here’s what you’ll learn inside "Acne Freedom in 72 Hours":

Discover the FIVE things your doctor never told you about acne treatments
and why you absolutely MUST know them!
The TOP TEN "Wholesome" foods that WILL trigger an acne attack
and drive your skin crazy. And no, I'm NOT talking pizza and chocolate!
The 72-HOUR SECRET GUARANTEED to clear your acne.
It's fun, tasty – and your pharmacist will NEVER tell you about it!
The SIXTEEN exciting beauty secrets that will keep you looking good
– day after day!
The MYTHS about ACNE – You're not to blame, and I'll show you the proof!
The FOUR TYPES of acne sufferers
– Find out which you are and why it matters
The ULTIMATE Guide to a Perfect Day
– Discover my step-by-step guide to enjoying perfect skin, every single day
The TRUTH behind gels, pills and other treatments.
Find out what you're taking and what difference it really makes!

Can YOU imagine enjoying perfectly clear, smooth, baby skin in just 72 HOURS from now?

If you can't – then you'd better start!

This guide will show you EVERYTHING you need to know to clear your acne. It unveils it ALL – and you won't find ANYTHING even remotely like it anywhere else on the Internet!

Interested? Read on, or grab your copy immediately by clicking below:

Click HERE to download your copy INSTANTLY!
“I'm 23 years old and figured my skin was like this for good. Yes, I was one annoyed, disgruntled $*[email protected] My skin was so dry, so flaky, so fragile. I looked 50 years old. Now, less than a week later, I'm glowing with a peachy shine. It's amazing. Thank you!”

– Angelina Lee, Ferndale, Randburg, South Africa

Discover My 100% Customer Guarantee
And Why Your Life is About to CHANGE!

It's today.

Can you imagine waking up in just THREE DAYS time – and looking into the mirror, at beautiful skin and a fresh, vibrant complexion?

Can you imagine waving GOODBYE to acne, FOREVER? And suddenly feeling FULL of confidence and happiness? How would you interact with the opposite sex – would you feel better, sexier?

Would you feel more popular? More comfortable in social situations?

That's EXACTLY what "Acne Freedom in 72 Hours" will give you.

And the best part about it is that I absolutely 100% believe in this information. It worked for my grandmother, myself and my daughter. It worked for the 295 individuals in our group.

It's based on techniques the doctors will NOT tell you about. Techniques that are PERFECTLY safe and are available to ANYONE. They don't require special drugs or facial cleansers. They just WORK.

That's why I'm offering this total 100% customer guarantee with EVERY copy sold:


Here's my 100% customer guarantee!

I absolutely guarantee that the information in this guide will
clear your acne problem in 72 hours – OR LESS!

If it doesn't, I'll BUY BACK your copy of the guide – so you
won't pay a penny! There are NO questions asked and NO small print.

It's just my RISK-FREE guarantee. WHAT CAN YOU LOSE?!

Exsclusive Offer

Now that guarantee was recommended particularly by my daughter, who spent a lot of her own money (without telling me!) finding out that many sites on the Internet are both unscrupulous and dishonest.

This one isn't.

We're backed by the large Self Development Network, which promises to honour all refund requests within one business day. There's SAFETY in the knowledge that you're dealing with a company that isn't going to disappear overnight!

So if you're interested – check out the guide.

If you don't like it, just tell us! We won't ask for before and after pictures. We won't pressure you to continue with the course. We won't ask questions. We'll simply refund you. It's totally NO RISK.

Just click on the green button to make your purchase:

Click HERE to download your copy INSTANTLY!
“I went straight to Wal-Mart and bought <secret> as soon as I read it in your book. Three days later and absolutely clear skin. I'm sending you a picture separately as proof. Thank you, I'm just so amazed. Wow!”

– P.B., SW Sundew Drive, Tigard, OR

Here's Why You MUST Order Before Midnight,
- And What I'm Throwing In With Your Purchase!

So, want to grab your copy of "Acne Freedom in 72 Hours"?

We usual retail copies of the guide at a tiny $79.95. Which, considering annual treatment costs and that FEEL GREAT feeling you'll have in just 72 HOURS from now, is really nothing.

Heck – it costs more than that to sleep in a flea-infested hotel room!

BUT for a limited time only, we're reducing the selling price from $79.95...

... Right down to an AMAZING $39.95!


PLUS, if you purchase before midnight, , you'll also receive the following exciting bonuses:

Two FREE Skin Care Hypnosis Sessions – Worth $25 - I'll send you a voucher for two FREE hypnosis sessions, "Cure Acne" and "Skin Care". Worth over $25, they're yours to KEEP – even if you return the guide!
The 404 Self-Improvement Tips – Worth $19.95 - Discover the ultimate guide to keeping your body in great condition, with this excellent guide. Contains great information on health and fitness – as well as money, success and romance too!
101 Beauty Product Secrets – Worth $49.95 - Forget chemical-filled shampoos and expensive supermarket face creams! Why not make your own, totally natural beauty products? This guide will show you how to make it a staggering 101 beauty products - cheaper, better and healthier!
The Dating Resource Report! – Worth $19.95 - Your new skin is bound to make you more attractive to the opposite sex! So with this special bonus, you'll learn the secrets of flirting, how to kiss on a first date, confidence tips for the shy socialite – and MUCH more. Worth it's weight in gold!
Lessons from the MIRACLE Doctors – Worth $95 - Author Jon Barron will show you not only how to enjoy great skin – but great health, for life! Uncover the secrets of optimum health and how to recover from any illness in absolute record time.

That's over $200 in FREE bonuses – when you purchase "Acne Freedom in 72 Hours" at just $39.95!!

PLUS – You get to keep these FREE bonuses EVEN if you decide to return the guide. Now that is a deal you just CAN'T beat!

But remember: in order to receive the bonus gifts, you MUST purchase before midnight, !

Click HERE to download your copy INSTANTLY!
“I was always told that acne was caused by crazy testosterone levels. But it'd been going on for years, so I decided to check out a solution. You were that solution, Bradley. I keep reading your story - please pass on my big thanks to Stephanie. She knows what it's like, and she convinced you to share the solution!!”

– Jeremy Sommers, Gainesville, FL,*****

WARNING: This Special Offer MUST END!
Just CLICK the Button, Before We're ALL OUT!

We're only publishing 5,000 copies of "Acne Freedom in 72 Hours" guide.

So if you're interested in grabbing a copy, you must take action NOW!

Remember, 72 hours is ALL that is standing between YOU and BEAUTIFUL SKIN.

Here's a reminder of what you'll receive when you purchase:
ACNE FREEDOM IN 72 HOURS Guide – Discover how to enjoy total freedom from acne, including my special home-grown 72-hour acne cure! Find out what doctors won't tell you... and discover the tricks that will help you enjoy beautiful Hollywood skin, for LIFE!
FREE $200 in BONUS GIFTS! – Including two FREE hypnosis sessions, "404 Self-Improvement Tips", the Dating Resource Report, 101 Beauty Product Secrets and "Lessons from the Miracle Doctors". Collectively worth over $200 – and you're FREE, even if you decide to return the guide!
LIFETIME SUPPORT – Want help using any of our techniques? Our support team are on-hand around the clock to provide instant answers and assistance. We're backed by the Self Development Network too, so you can ALWAYS be assured of top-quality real-person support!
TOTAL SATISFACTION GUARANTEE! – Not happy with the guide? If you don't see results that will absolutely ASTOUND you – then just let us know and we'll refund your order. NO questions, NO small print. You can't lose!

BUT we're only making 5,000 copies available. And once they've been sold, we're changing this into a support site!

So, if YOU want SUPER confidence… GREAT self-esteem… FANTASTIC Hollywood skin… an AWESOME social life… and that INNER GLOW my daughter experienced… then THIS is the time to ACT!

Click HERE to download your copy INSTANTLY!
“Please add this to your testimonials page. I'm a 20 year old guy living in Hollywood (land of the beautiful!) with the ugliness of acne. I had no confidence, no happiness, nothing. Then I discovered your guide, Bradley. I'm now so full of life, I'm a different person altogether. My friends ask how I did it, and I'm pointing them to your site!”

– Mike P*****, Beck Avenue, North Hollywood, CA, 91606

That's all from me. No more sales talk.

Just remember: this could be the LAST EVER time you see this site, and your LAST EVER chance to try out something that could change your life.

Three days from now, you could be totally FREE of ACNE. Forever.

If you're even remotely CONSIDERING purchasing this guide, DO IT. CLICK HERE!

It's a cliché, but you having nothing to lose – and SUCH a lot to gain.

Thanks for stopping by my site today!

With my greatest respect,

Bradley Thompson, Self-Development Author., part of the Self Development Network

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